Waiver period: From noon on Sunday until noon on the following Tuesday. Any pickups will cost $1. Based on won/lost record of the previous season for the first three games of the new season, current won/lost record thereafter.

Roster changes: Changes are due by noon on Sunday, to take effect for that week. For Saturday games, changes are due by 11 a.m. to take effect for that week for those players involved only in the Saturday games. For Thursday or Friday games, changes are due by 11 a.m. for Thursday or Friday day games and 6 p.m. for Thursday or Friday night games for those players involved only in the Thursday or Friday games.

Bye changes: Roster changes include bye week changes. Owners may replace a player on bye with someone on their roster or another non-rostered DNFL player by designating that player as a bye week change. Owners cannot use any player listed on the reserve lists. The player/s will play only for that week and the original player out on bye will return to the starting roster unless the owner makes a regular change at some point. Waiver costs do not apply unless the change becomes permanent.

Bye weeks:
Week 1, 2: None
Week 3: TBD
Week 4: TBD
Week 5: TBD
Week 6: TBD
Week 7: TBD
Week 8: TBD
Week 9: TBD
Week 10: TBD
Week 11-16: None

Resrve lists: Rookie, injured, non-performing, holdouts, suspensions, etc.

Injury status: Probable, 75% chance of playing; Questionable, 50%; Doubtful, 25%; Out, will not play. If a player is listed as out, another player can be picked up until the out player's status changes or he is dropped.

August 22 (tentative) DNFL draft; all moneys paid; rosters set at 12
Sept. TBD DNFL season begins; Thursday game, TBD, changes due 6 p.m.
Sept. TBD NFL Sunday start of season
Sept. TBD Final cut down (week 3); by noon, rosters set at 9; rookie reserve set
Sept.TBD Use of last year's records for waiver period ends
Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Day games, TBD; changes due by 11 a.m.
Dec. TBD No trade period begins at conclusion of TBD game
Dec. TBD DNFL playoffs/semifinals
Dec. TBD No trade period ends at conclusion of TBD game

Feb. TBD DNFL rosters frozen at conclusion of Super Bowl
May 13 Len Tomaszewski memorial day
August 21 (tentative) DNFL draft
August 28 (tentative) DNFL draft if season starts after Sept. 1