1990 Len Tomaszewski
Bill Bike
1991 First Draft Meeting
Steve Kalapsa & His Tampa Bay JCs Logo
Bob Alcantara & His Deft Handling of the DNFL Draft
1992 The Commissioner Is Dumped for Half an Hour
East Troy's Three-peat
Jim Lachowicz
1993 Joe Przepiorka
1994 Jim Johnston
1995 Kathleen Kuziel
Al Kipp
The Valentinos Love Dallas
1996 1996 Draft Meeting/Pool Party
Tomo Posing as Ken to Insure a Change
1997 The Jim Lachowicz/Big House Draft
Mr. & Mrs. Wally Kuziel
1998 The Hall of Fame Itself
Mr. Lenard Tomaszewski
1999 Steve Hudomiet
2000 The Prick Block of Mark Kelly & Jim Johnston
2001 The Golf Club Incident of 2000
The First DNFL Golf Outing & Dinner
2002 Attempts to Relieve Kelly of his Team
The Hot Tub, the Seat of the DNFL
2003 The memory of Len Tomaszewski and his quarter century of
commissionorial excellence
Mike Valentino and Bob Alcantara driving Mark Valentino's car
with a "Just Married" sign on the back
2004 Canton Bulldogs
2002 DNFL draft eight-hour boat trip
Len's obsession with Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)
2005 Jim Johnston introducing an official resolution that Mark Kelly is an
asshole, and threatening to cut off Hudo's balls if he didn't vote for it
Bill Bike and Mike Soriano's first year as co-commissioners
Old Salt Lake City Jail photo
2006 Len Tomaszewski's article, "To Run Again"
Joan Roberta Green
2007 Hudo misses 2006 draft to drive his mother-in-law to the store
Len Tomaszewski's basement
2008 Len runs amok
2009 E-mail correspondence on 2005 Chicago White Sox
2010 Lower Niles loses to Bellwood in 2005 playoffs
Steve Hudomiet's seven years at the helm of Wausaukee
Steve Kalapsa comes to his first draft in 30 years, 2009
2011 Ken Carrano's service as Treasurer
The no-balls vote of 2010 (vote on Rule 19C was 3 votes for repeal, 4 to retain,
and 5 abstentions)
Ron Kuziel yelling "It's a game" during 2010 Rule 19C debate
2012 Bill Bike eats a massive amount of bacon for breakfast in Windsor
Steve Helis drafts a Johnson, a Bush, and a Hunt, which rhymes with...
2013 Parma and Mark Valentino winning the champoinship after a 25-year wait
2014 Perky's annoying habit of saying "tic-toc" during the draft
2015 The Kuziel Home
Tomo makes a bad trade and wins the DNFL anyway. (Decatur trades WR Thomas
DEN to Lower Niles for WR Cobb GB, a first round draft choice in 2014, and
a first round draft choice in 2015.)
2016 Mark Valentino makes the bold move of picking up and starting QB Cousins WAS
in the DNFL Bowl despite having QB Rogers GB and Brady NE and wins the
championship, DNFL Bowl XXXVII
2017 Rumchatta/40th anniversary toast
Evan Kelly seving as a GM through grade school, high school, college,
and adulthood
2018 Lenny the Trophy's travels, thanks to Ken Carrano
The Bob Chinn's Crabhouse dinner
2019 Mike Soriano shows up late as always
Mike Soriano's hard work as the league's tech support
The Rumchatta sign
2020 Having an online draft because the nation is led by a total piece of shit
The late Fr. Phil Cioffi, DNFL Chaplain
The 2018 draft at the home of Mark Valentino
2021 The late Ed Blanco, friend of the DNFL
Steve Kalpsa, immobile because of hip surgery, pees in a bottle so he
doesn't have to leave the Zoom draft meeting, 2020