Ron Kuziel

Ron Kuziel is owner of the East Troy Conch, formerly the St. Croix Conch, one of the 1979 expansion teams. Like the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers, East Troy Conch is one of those team names that doesn't make a lot of sense unless you know the history. The Conch has a mediocre record overall, yet is tied with Lower Niles for the best DNFL Bowl record among all teams: 5-1, including the league's only three-peat.

The Kuziel Rule is named after Ron, because he thought of it: if you have two quarterbacks from the same NFL team, whoever takes the first snap is your starting quarterback, eliminating the need to guess who the NFL team is going to start. The Defensive Award also is named for Ron. Ron has been Owner of the Year, and won the first So I Backed Into and Won the Whole Damn Thing Award. His wife, Kathleen Kuziel, is in the Hall of Fame; so are Ron's parents; and so is his hot tub. Ron's trade featuring a draft choice and a golf club also is in the Hall of Fame.

The Kuziel home has been the site of the vast majority of DNFL drafts.