Pat Wenzel

The only woman ever to own a DNFL team was Pat Wenzel, who owned the Salt Lake City Lushes from 1979 to 1984. Although the team had a mediocre 29-39 record under her ownership, Salt Lake City's DNFL highlight was 1982, when the team won the West Division and beat Altoona 29-16 in the first round to go on to DNFL Bowl IV, where it lost to Parma 34-6.

Pat's leaving the league precipitated a Hall of Fame moment. Len wanted to give his Lower Niles Vultures team to Tomo and take over the Salt Lake City franchise. The league initially voted to let Tomo have Lower Niles, but not to let Len have Salt Lake. This resulted in Len being dumped from the league for 1/2 hour until the DNFL finally voted to let him back in. That scenario was voted into the DNFL Hall of Fame in 1992.

Pat now lives in Colorado outside Denver and is an avid skiier.