Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly is one of three DNFL owners who started in 1978, still owns the same team, and has never moved it (although his Bellwood Lemmings became the Bellwood Sun Lemmings for a brief period during his law school foray to Arizona). However, Mark has had more help than any other owner running his team. He has had four different general managers over the years, including his son, Evan, the current incumbent GM.

His ample use of GMs is a reaction to the days when he didn't pay a lot of attention to his team, and there was a move afoot to kick him out of the league. Since then, Mark and his GMs have actively run a DNFL franchise that is consistently a condender. Bellwood's all-time record is the third-best among all DNFL teams, and Bellwood has made the playoffs 12 times. Bellwood has made the DNFL Bowl the most of any team, with seven appearances.

Mark has won the Bill Bike Best Argument Award; Comeback Owner of the Year; Decision of the Year; the Jim Johnston Memorial Wang Award; Worst Non-Move of the Year; and Steve Hudomiet Owner of the Year. The Mark Kelly Points Ratio Award is named for him.