Steve Kalapsa

Steve Kalapsa was the owner of the immortal Tampa Bay JCs and their fine logo. Kalapsa was the first DNFL owner to leave the league, having owned his team for two years, 1978 and 1979. 1978 was a respectable one for the JCs at 4-4, but in 1979 the team finished dead last at 2-9, whereupon Steve departed, and Ken Carrano took over the team.

Steve was the sports editor of the DePaulia, and on at least one occasion called his assistant sports editor, Jim Johnston, on a layout night to tell him to lay out the sports section because Steve was in a bar and didn't quite know which one. Steve also was the bartender at the on-campus bar the ZBT, and he always made sure to call the DePaulia office to let everyone know last call was coming up. His bartender notoriety got him elected to the Student Government Association, which is a good a reason as any to elect someone. Another candidate that year was Sally Lichter, under whose name on her election posters Kalapsa wrote, "So did I!"

After disappearing for a few years, Steve showed up at one of Bill and Anne's Christmas parties in the early '90s, entering the room to stunned silence at his surprise appearance. Steve as usual was the life of the party that night, after which he disappeared again, until he re-emerged in 2008. Kalapsa and his logo were elected to the DNFL Hall of Fame in 1991.

In 2010 Steve became the second owner in the history of the DNFL to return as he took over ownership of the historic Wausaukee Bowls DNFL franchise after Steve Hudomiet resigned. He is probably the first owner in the history of fantasy football to return to a league after a 30-year absence.