Steve Helis

Steve Helis took over the Pittsburgh Parrots from Al Kipp in 1981, and quickly turned the Parrots into the powerhouse of the league. Under Steve, the Parrots had their golden era from 1983-89, making the playoffs every year, making the DNFL Bowl five times, and winning three times. That was followed by the Parrots' silver era, in which from 1992 to 1998 the team made the playoffs six of seven years.

Thanks to Steve's stewardship in those eras, Pittsburgh has the best all-time record of any DNFL team. The Parrots have made the DNFL Bowl six times, winning three.

Steve has won the All M*A*S*H Award; the Best Argument Award; Decision of the Year; and Owner of the Year.

The Penthouse to Outhouse Award is named for Steve, who took his team from having the best record in 2003 to the worst in 2004.

Steve was the first non-DePaulia member to be awarded a DNFL franchise. He also was part of a classic DNFL event: the 2002 eight-hour boat trip.